Sexy lingerie the precious item from women's wardrobe

Sexy lingerie, discount lingerie, corsets for women is an indispensable accessory in the bedroom, bringing a touch of fantasy and attraction. Although, eventually, sexy underwear should be part of every woman's arsenal of seduction because, every time is helping her look different to her partner.

First night together must back the looks innocent but sensual, and if they are together for a long time, it will seduce him again with her sexy linen. So, for each stage of the relationship, there is hot lingerie which fits.

For the first night together- if women went to town meetings and walks in the park and then want to go for the first time in bed, must carefully choose their underwear. Doesn’t want to seem vulgar and hope it from the beginning! Choose a romantic, good, set which will highlight the natural qualities into an incredibly sexy composition.

For wedding night - is a unique moment in the life of each couple and has lived as such. Sexy lingerie made of lace or satin is all women need for their first night as a wife.

In case your family grows with a new member - if woman is pregnant does not mean she cannot enjoy passionate moments with her partner. However, do not feel comfortable in super sexy underwear. So, choose a loose set of satin or baby doll.

If women are married for a long time - over time, lose their passion intensity. It's time to remind her husband what he fell for her. Light and imagination with maddeningly sexy and naughty erotic lingerie!


Hot and naughty lingerie should be worn it in any context. If women can successfully match the sexy corset even office attire: shirt, tie, skirt or pants pencil stripe “seasoned” with a corset that starts under the bust. There's nothing sexier than an androgynous outfit accented held “in check” by exotic corset.

For a casual outfit was “invented” the top - corset. Can be worn with pants, preferably with a straight cut or flared and long under the sprightly smile more beloved platforms.

For daring women, has to wear it with a skirt with wide waistband, midi, enriched with layers of tulle.

The bodice is by definition challenging. Leave a little mystery and wear it with pants, flared, high waist and walked to the bar. Can choose a naughty corset embroidery or lace applications for hot effect. If choose the strapless option, play it with a scarf which will drapes shoulders.


The bodice is the piece of lingerie that easily becomes an elegant piece of clothing.

Depending on the style, the corset can be worn under clothes over clothes can even replace the bra and top of an outfit.

Jeans or any other tight pants will look charming on the body combined with a corset: it is an outfit that can wear everywhere, every day.

If is combining a corset with a skirt, might get a masquerade look, depends very much on the bodice and skirt, but the bodice combined with pants cannot fail. The outfit is very practical and achieved “cowgirl” style.

When wearing the corset with pants, make sure it is long enough: brace should cover the waist and jeans line less (that if want a sexy look that reveal little of body). But in general, a corset should cover the waist and hips even touch, so woman should be able to match in any successful way with any pair of pants, including those with low waist.

For women who likes vintage style outfits, which means that already knows the cutting of vintage dresses: emphasizes the waist and fit snugly on top. Choose to wear a corset under such a dress that will combine perfectly and will “work” together to shape the silhouette.

The bodice is also a good choice in combination with a blazer or jacket retro style that gives body type the hourglass silhouette. Bodice or corset will help any blazer to look better.

Choose a corset with zigzag ribbon up and down, worn with a shirt. When wearing a corset over a delicate cotton top, women will feel very comfortable even when it is tight-fitting bodice. Can opt for a leather corset or imitation leather, worn for a pantry with ruffles and puffed sleeves: delicate blouse will make a beautiful contrast with the shiny corset (imitation) leather.

Corsets are perfect for weddings. Corset stylized for wedding dresses in the top with zigzag cords are always in fashion and are favorite of brides; can be, for this type of wedding dress, a reminiscent design of the romantic era.

Some women choose to wear a traditional corset under the wedding dress, although experts recommend avoiding doing this because it's likely to see beneath the corset dress: very much depends on the style of dress and corset. An alternative would be combined bodice with a skirt, creating a second piece of the wedding dress that will make the bride an hourglass figure type.

For those women who like to be daring the combination of a black corset or a dark color with a tight skirt to the knee or longer will be an interesting choice. Sexy tights combined with a garter belt complete perfectly the outfit.

So anyone can imagine that burlesque dancer’s performances without corsets type? Dancers love to combine sexy corset and thong bikinis or briefs.


Burlesque style corsets perhaps are made specifically for the stage, but should not be only dancers to wearing such corset. Women either can opt for such a corset for a night out or a burlesque show for the man they loved.

Burlesque style corsets draw eyes like a magnet: are usually decorated and are made from materials of the highest quality. But if women do not have the audacity to wear a corset so they can at any time to combine it with another piece of clothing and feel sexy as a dancer!

Although the corset can be worn in different occasions at sight, there are times and there are types of corset women want to be seen wearing only by their loved man: the sexy and seductive corset lingerie. They can choose a white corset made of lace or brocade for the wedding night or can opt for a black vinyl corset or animal print for a hot night. Anyway for corsets as lingerie the range is varied for all tastes and all figures.